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While listening to this song take it easy
Don't dance or make noise at all
Please don't march or scream and please refrain from any erratic behavior
Never mind, go crazy

Verse 1 Krizz Kaliko
(Spaz on)
Both in the 70's, 80's baby, I'm a cause to the death of me (on)
Yosemite level, middle finger's up to haters who slept on me (snore)
Although you may say this, you'll take it back to stick your riders in heaven at (war)
Me you are related, you pat fucking, back stabbing, livin' on different rap (you)
And I ain't aimin' for the middle, tryna eat and get the viddles, I ain't talkin 'bout a little bit
And I ain't ashamed to be the Mental Giants prot

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